Discovering Outdoor Recreation and Parks in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

If you’re new to the neighborhood, you may not know that there are many outdoor recreational areas and parks near Morrisville where you can experience Mother Nature. Or if you’re a long-time resident who enjoys jogging, you may find that your daily exercise routine is in need of a change in scenery, and might want to check out a park that you had not previously known about. Whatever the source of your interest in local parks and outdoor spaces, the following list highlights many options throughout the area.

Bicycling and Hiking


Eugene> Willamette River Bike Path

The D&L Trail is a multi-use trail that extends from Bristol to Easton and contains several smaller pathways, including the Lehigh Canal South, the Lehigh Canal North, and the Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail. Historic in nature, the D&L follows the 165-mile route that mine workers would use to transport coal from mine to market, and winds down mountains, through towns, and along remnants of the Delaware and Lehigh canals. Here, bicyclists, hikers, walkers, and others are exposed to some of Pennsylvania’s finest flora, fauna, waterfalls, and wetlands.

Public Fields and Playgrounds


Williamson Park is one of the most popular parks near Morrisville. Here, visitors can enjoy soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis and basketball courts, playground equipment, picnic areas, and plenty of open space to have fun. Pet owners with canine friends are welcome to bring their dogs to the park as well, under the condition that the pet remains leashed.

Land Trusts and Natural Preserves


Fern Rock Nature Trail (12)

In 2010, the local government announced development of the Morrisville Riverfront Preserve, an 8.8 acre naturalized riparian preserve along the Delaware waterfront. Today, the preserve is a quiet place of nature for kayakers, hikers, bird watchers, and fishermen. As an added bonus, riverfront restoration has improved land, water, and air quality, as well as provided improved floodplain function. In addition to improving the local environment, the preserve provides the opportunity for public education regarding the value of natural waterfront habitats.

Other natural reserves located within 40 miles of Morrisville include the Manasquan River State Wildlife Management Area, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness, and Swan Point State Natural Area.

Living in Morrisville, PA


While Morrisville is not a large city, fans of hiking, biking, and outdoor recreation will not go wanting in this town. However, should you find that these amenities no longer meet your needs, there are many other parks near Morrisville that you can visit. In fact, just over the Trenton Bridge, you will find several other parks to visit, including Mill Hill Park, Spring Street Park, and Pat Pone Park.