Things to Research Before Moving to Morrissville, PA

Moving is a lot of work. Between finding the right place to live, placing all of your worldly goods into boxes, and transporting everything from one place to another, it’s hard to keep up with everything. To make things easier, we’ve assembled the following list for those who are thinking about moving to Morrissville, PA.


Neighborhood Info




Situated along the banks of the Delaware River just a few miles north of Philadelphia, this relatively small neighborhood has a typical northeastern climate. If you’re a fan of colorful fall foliage, snow-filled winters, and hot, humid summers, Morrissville is a perfect fit. The town is also a historic landmark, gaining its namesake from Robert Morris, a Revolutionary War financier and founding father of the United States.


Utility Options

Research your power and utility options prior to moving into your new place. There’s nothing worse than heading to the shower after moving all that heavy furniture and suddenly realizing that the water is turned off. Some apartment complexes include the cost of utilities in the rent bill. However, this is not always the case and checking the lease terms is never a bad idea.

Although PECO remains the primary distributor of electricity in the area, a recently enacted law allows consumers to choose who generates their power. This law allows for higher competition among energy providers and also gives environmentally conscious individuals the option to power their homes with grid-based renewable sources. A list of regional energy providers can be found at


Options for water, cable, and internet needs are more limited. Unless your apartment has its own well and septic systems, water and sewer bills will come from the Morrissville Municipal Authority. Regarding cable and internet needs, Comcast and Verizon both have very solid communication infrastructures in the area and remain the premier providers, though a few individuals opt for cellular and satellite based services instead.   


Tips for Moving Furniture


Side view :: New farmhouse table #04


Moving can be a time consuming and strenuous process. Not only can it require a lot of physical activity, but it can also be an organizational nightmare. Always be aware of how you’re moving your body in order to avoid injury. And remember to use color-coding or some other organizational method to keep track of your things.


If you don’t have anyone to help you move, consider hiring a moving company. Professional movers cut down on the time it takes to transport your things and also help you to avoid injury. Two nearby movers include EZMovingPA and Goleo Movers.


Tips for Truck Rentals and Returns


Uhaul in Idaho



Transporting furniture and other belongings typically requires a truck or van. If you don’t have a truck or van and decided to rent a vehicle to transport your things, you will be happy to know that there are two U-Haul rental truck return yards in the area. The first is located at 550 West Bridge Street. The second is located less than a mile away at 999 West Trenton.


Renting in Morrissville


Residents of this historic town are relatively close to both Philadelphia and Trenton. However, there are plenty of things to do within the borough and its surrounding neighborhoods as well. Be sure to return to this site in the future for more information about local events and attractions.